I have a few tutorials posted throughout my blog, but figured I'd give this a tab for easy access!

CELEBRATE CARD- step by step pics

Hello Scrap-Friends I made a quick tutorial for this card not as detailed as the red one I will be posting later (still typing it out) Hope you enjoy it :)

1. Starting with a white piece of Cardstock cut to size (depending on the envelope or size you want) Score down the middle for a nice crisp fold and Fold

2. I chose an accent paper from Pink Paislee-  Daydream from the 365* degrees collection then cut out a square smaller than my card so that I wouold have a border of white around it. (about 1 cm off each edge)
3.I inked the edges white and then inked the edges of the white card blue and adhered the two centering the blue paper

4. I then cut out a skinny strip from the white cs and inked it and placed it across the middle of the blue paper. I took an orange journaling box from the same collection and Inked it in blue and placed it in the center of the card. (pic coming)

5. Take two small fabric flowers and placed them in the corner of the journaling box

6. Take two blue Prima flowers and placed those on top
7. Now fill the centers with a flower center, I used orange rhinestones to match the Journaling spot.
8.Next I cut out a say it in pearls design and place part of it across the bottom of the journaling spot coming from the lowest flower

9.  Add a second swirl to the top of that same flower creating an tilted corner
10. fill the bottom corner with pearl swirls any left overs from the design.

11. Stamp and fill a title or add a quote, rubon etc.  Easy as 1, 2, 11 ;)


Birthday Card.. detailed step by step

I'm sure most of you reading this can make cards, Not only that I am sure most of your cards will blow mines out of the water. This is more of a Post to show step-by-step what I do to make a card. I was asked to do this twice already so I figured maybe others would like to see it as well. Hope you enjoy and find it useful :)

Supply List

  • tan or white cardstock 8.5 x 11 (cut in half)
  • Fiskars rotary trimmer
  • Fiskars scoring tool
  • scotch ATG
  • Pink Paislee 365* degrees collection
  • Colorbox ink (holiday set for red)
  • Prima say it in pearls
  • DCWV citrus flower embellie
  • BasicGrey cardstock swirls (june bug collection)
  • atyouspica #21 lipstick (pen)
  • happy birthday or title stamp

1.  Start with a Piece of cardstock and cut it to size, you can make a card as big or as small as you want If you are using store bought envelopes I would make it smaller than that remember you will be folding the cards in half so measure accordingly.

2. I score it down the middle so I get a nice clean fold, I use my trimmer's guide to make sure my line is straight down the middle.

3. Fold the card  using your score line, If your fold is uneven you can always trim it down the sides/bottom some, but I  try to get as close to perfect as possible so I don't have to trim it.

4.Then I ink the edges, I used red, I slightly tilt the card and rub the edges of the card gently against ONLY the edges of the ink pad.

It should look like this (excuse the blur didn't notice till I loaded it)

5. Cut the accent paper down to size, I like to make it smaller so I have a border. Measure your card and cut according to what look you want I try I do a cm all around sometimes more.

SN: I'm using Pink paislee Dream big 365* degrees collection

6. After I've made sure it's the size I want, I ink the edges the same way as before

7. Using my ATG gun I adhere the accent piece to the front of my card

like this

8. Cut and ink two accent pieces of the same paper (one square and one skinny strip across)

9. Glue long strip across middle of paper


and then the square piece on top of that one

10. Ink the Pink Paislee Journaling spot

11. Using my ATG I adhered the journaling spot to the center of the card

12. I added two Basic grey Die cut sticker flourishes to the edges of the journaling spot.

13. I add 2 red rhinestones to the side of the blue strip and then one on each flourish

14. I got my pearls and used them to line the BasicGrey flourishes

15. using my wooden stamp I stamped happy birthday in the center of the journaling spot

16. It came out so light so I used my pen to fill in the happy birthday stamp

This is what it looked like after filling it in I thought I was done but something made me feel it needed more color...

17. I added orange rhinestones to the curve

and an orange 3 d flower (dcwv citrus) to the bottom

The new finished card.


Shayla's Ribbon Rings- I decided to make my own ribbon rings out of old water bottles. It's a great way to save money and recycle. I started with a one gallon water bottle. I cut it into pieces skipping the handle and bottom (these you can actually recycle in your plastic bin) this is what they look like all cut up..

2.I then cut smaller strips (you can make them any size you want) and used my corner rounder to smooth the edges.. You don't want anything to be rough. At the top Middle position punch a large hole. remember these will need to fit on a 2" ring.

3. Using a hand punch with two lines I punched out lines in the middle of the plastic.. you can make them as long as you want but do not go to close to the edges. I then made a third line so I could tuck the ribbon under. Make sure you line up the lines evenly for best results. 4. I then laced my ribbon through, for most two ribbons will fit however on the thick ones only one will fit.

5. I then add them to my ring and continue with the next set. this pic shows two on a ring.

I am making this as I go so you don't have to wait till I am done. I plan on making 70. Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment. TFL! Shayla~

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