Thursday, August 19, 2010

ZUTTER Distrezz-it-all REVIEW *Pictures added!*

So I just got my new Distrezz-it-all and plan on giving a full HONEST review. I am addicted to distressing and use any method possible to get the looks I want. Let's see if this little Machine helps me. If I love it I am going to yell it from the rough tops, It will save me lots of time if it really works!

OK as promised here is my review.

Today I played with it a lot, I went straight across with the distresser and there was a very slight distressed look. Then I held the paper at an angle and noticed a difference, It was better but still not the look I wanted. So I played some more going back and forth, the result was a deeper distressed look. It was equal to my hand distresser without the work. Since I love the really distressed look I had to play around some more, while having the machine pulse while I ran it back and forth quickly. The result, I was in love. Also It wasn't as loud pulsing,It was so fast and just the look I wanted. It took me a while to figure out how to use it (to my liking) But when I did the results were fast and pleasing. Of course this review wouldn't be complete without pictures, I will add those in the morning along with the Pages I finished a lot faster thanks to my distrezz-it-all.

All in all this tool is perfect for someone who distresses every LO you really will save time and save yourself from paper cuts.
Just be sure you try a bunch of tricks and angles to get your paper distressed the way you want.

A Few things I learned:

  • Thicker paper makes a louder sound
  • It still makes a mess but the bottom compartment catches a lot of it.
  • Short back and forth movements give a more distressed look
  • Push down on the paper for a more distressed look
  • Don't use this while your kids are sleep!

I hope this review has helped you there is a lot of generic "it's great" reviews but there are things you should know before you use it so you won't get that frustrated feeling I did the first time I used it. Only you can decide if it is worth the money, but I want to let you know how I came to love mines.

First sheet going with the distrezz it all Now against it
Second sheet Back and forth with pressure, really Distressed look!

The mess on the table after One Layout
All the mess that was caught after one LOLook At all the mess it saved, so even though my table was a mess it could have been a lot worse! One of the Layouts Made with the Distrezz-it-all