Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creations for Swaps

UPDATED: 1/3/2010
Index cards we will all end up with 12 months. I had december and here is what I made

All the embellies are 3-d including the snowflakes. I cut them with my cricut and layered them with 3-d dots. here is a side view of the snowflakes.
Page candy, I made these for a swap I am hosting, These are my handmade embellies.Homemade paper flowers, I made these for a friend and extra for myself..

These are just something I made for fun.. little 3-d village houses,

These are fun little letters that we will swap to make a full word, I only make one letter of the word and other ladies make one of each other letter, when we swap we all have one full word. Just a few, I wll show a pic of the full words after we swap!




the y for boy the s for son:


updated November 20th

Recipe cards

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